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We are at the beginning of the era of value networks. More and more companies are seeing the potential to deliver value for their customers, partnerships, and ecosystems through platforms. A whole new strategy will be needed to develop digital systems that provide seamless experiences for end users.

What will change
New value networks will be developed in co-operation with regional parties and larger networks, helping customers seamlessly navigate between their homes and their desired destinations. To make this possible, new services will be created that compound APIs from different providers in an easier, more controlled, standardised way.

Emerging technologies
Better understanding of good API creation and the usage of cloud based services are making it easier to integrate APIs from different providers. An ‘ApiBNB’ is starting to form - a marketplace that allows our data to move freely without compromising the user’s ownership and security.

Opportunities worth taking
As more API marketplaces form, larger ecosystems with start to coalesce around them. Open ecosystems that combine services into larger experiences will create new value for customers across many industries, including food, travel, retail, health and agriculture.

  • Air travel

    Travel and tourism will become increasingly connected from the user’s point of view. The experience will last from the moment the ticket is purchased until the traveler returns home. The One ID initiative aims to remove repetition and duplicity from the air travel experience.

  • Mobility

    Mobility providers will collaborate to share data in order to improvise efficiency and provide better experiences. For example, when a user purchases an American Airlines ticket through the app, a reminder is suggested to book an Uber ride.

  • Automotive

    The meaning of commuting will slowly change with the electrification of the car, and autonomous driving will give automotive manufacturers opportunities to expand their role in the customer value chain. For example, Mercedes Benz aims to integrate with smarthomes to provide seamless experiences.

  • Service business

    Whether it is to find right technology and technology provider or understanding the user behaviour in another customer touchpoint open data and API marketplaces will simplify the process of deploying services enabled by technology and open data.

  • Smart Cities

    Cities are in a race to open up their data and APIs to provide their residents with better services. Many cities already opened up the vast amount of data for companies and the developer community to use This gives a birth to world of opportunities as data can be used as raw material for data-based business and for building smart applications.

  • Built Environment

    National Human Activity Pattern Survey conducted in the US suggests that people spend 87% of their time indoors. Built environments have an important role as the facilitator of smart living experiences. Construction, telecommunication, and people flow companies can come together to provide user experiences enabled by open data and technology, and based on circular economy.

Deep-dive into this bet

Total market 2024

IOT $ 936 bn with 33% CAGR. Platform economy evaluated over $ 7 trillion already in 2017. API market.

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Look at these 2024

Methodology: A high-level view gathered from various openly available data sources on market size & compound annual growth rates. To simplify comparison between analysts sources, we’ve removed differences in market details by calculating an estimated average for total market size 2024 and average CAGR for selected time period. This allows us to gain “correct enough estimates”. Unless linked directly to one source, each of our market estimate has included 2-8 sources e.g. WEF, CB Insights, Mordor Intelligence, Markets & Markets, Research & Markets, Grand View Research, PWC, Allied Market Research, McKinsey, Market Watch

Platform business model for algorithms & building blocks, contextual operating systems: automotive, EV charging, smart buildings.

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Top 18 unicorn sniffing smart money VCs, 1376 investments 2018-2020

Source: Crunchbase Pro, accessed: 03/20, research of company description terms between 01/2018-02/2020, investment types: early stage investments by top 18 unicorn sniffing smart money VCs, n=1376 investments

Platform 29%, algorithm 2%.

Special focus

The dilemma of converging markets and fragmented structures. While demand for hyperconnected business exists, technology is becoming increasingly fragmented. New opportunity areas are emerging to solve the dilemma.

Digital Identity: authentication is the key enabler as the line between digital businesses and physical services blurs. Technology agnostic digital identity will be essential as we are moving from a deterministic, task-oriented era to a new, hyperconnected world.

Marketplaces: a very common B2C business model is coming to B2B. We will see more marketplaces focusing on certain experiences and technologies providing open data and APIs for companies to use.


Security issues like data breaches will become increasingly damaging on larger platforms with increased service overlap. Having one’s whole travel itinerary exposed to a bad actor may have more severe consequences than leaked information about a single hotel or flight reservation.


More immersive platforms may put user privacy at risk. The sharing of comprehensive user data bound to digital identity makes it even more important to trust the owner of the platform. Decentralised identity management may increase user privacy, but only between platforms.

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Edge computing

This technology looks increasingly likely to take privacy responsibility away from cloud-based platforms. This might affect the need for platform features. Edge computing will run more biometrics and computer vision tasks in addition to doing analytics work currently performed in the cloud.

Open sharing

The birth of truly comprehensive platforms requires open sharing between companies. Many companies are preparing to expand their platform capabilities, but it is important companies cooperate with each other and welcome 3rd parties to make the most out of platforms.


Identity Verification Platform where users and service providers come together.

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Marketplace for software and technologies in the filed of speech recognition

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Distributed AI Marketplace collaborative platform for building and trading AI applications.

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Manufacturer independent data platform for cars.

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Awake AI

-Universation Information Exchange for Maritime through a cloud platform providing cost effective APIs

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Ecosystem of 7 Finnish companies on a mission to define the future of the built environment.

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Marketplace for buyers and suppliers for corrugated packaging by Stora Enso

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Marketplace for aircraftseats

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IBM Imaging AI Marketplace

Single-source solution to simplify the process of deploying imaging AI applications

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P2P trust solutions, blockchain

Decentralization for verifying the privacy and authenticity of the transaction., Blockchains can be utilized to add trust regardless of affirmed identity smart contract.

Cloud computing

Although cloud computing is nothing new its role will be redefined with the define its the advanced storage architecture that links cloud with edge.

AI/ML Artificial intelligence (AI)

Computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence by using a combination of Machine Learning (ML) toolbox of algorithms and learning rules from data.

Edge computing

A microcontroller unit (a small chip) is embedded with the ability to perform AI/ML computing offline based on sensor inputs without needing a cloud connection.

Indicators of change


07 Working with co-bots09 Mastered edge computing
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