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If you had to bet - which technologies will shape the future of business?

What we see every day inspires us to imagine the future, yet only a fraction of the world’s knowledge is visible for us to see. We have the potential to realise our grandest visions - if we can give people a path between inspiration and realisation.

This is the mission of the Futurice Emerging Business team - to help build commercially scalable novel business models for you and your clients. Bets for the Future is our look at how the world - and our place in it - will change in the coming years.

The bets we have identified are here now - they are technologies and trends that are already being applied, and they have the potential to reshape our society. We want to work with businesses looking to shape the future for their customers by making these bets.

Our way of working is guided by 3 principles:


Share the knowledge we create

We’ll jointly build and prototype your ideas to see if they are worth pursuing.


Co-create innovative uses for technology

We work with our clients to drive renewal through new innovative services & solutions.


New business models

We work with our clients to identify and capitalise on disruptive business opportunities that have potential to create impact on an ecosystem level.

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  • Tuğberk Duman

    Business Consultant



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