HoloLens Futurice Helsinki Tour


Last year’s Microsoft //BUILD conference was the very first time the general public was able to try HoloLens. I was there... and it was great…

Michael Samarin Business Director

Disruption-proof Culture Cultivation


In this world of technology overload it’s easy to forget that progress is often made not by technology, but by people cultivating knowledge g…

Taking Design as a Whole, from Inspiring to Concrete


In between the abstract, inspiring and motivated starting point of a project, until every concrete outcome of the creative and co-creation process has been achieved, there are potentially big and invisible enemies that can trap the project in a big, deep dark hole.

Jane Vita Senior Service Creator

Data-Driven Design Day 2016 presentations


Data-Driven Design Day 2016 was held at Helsinki's Tavastia Club on 20.9.2016. The event brought together people working on data and design…

Arttu Tolonen Communications Specialist

How digital can revolutionise the customer experience in travel & leisure


Designing for convenience is one of the hardest things to do. To deliver convenience means you need to understand the context and mindset of the user (every user type) at every moment on their customer journey. It's also incredibly tricky to measure, because people will only tell you when it goes wrong. The advance of the digital era has brought the need for convenience into sharp focus. It's a good thing!

Anton Schubert Principal Consultant / Design Strategist

Top 7 Tips for the Model in Android Architectures

Software development

On Android many are now doing Model-View-Presenter (MVP) or Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architectures. I previously gave presentations about View Models and Olli Salonen posted an article about them, but since then questions have arisen. What exactly is the Model? What’s the role of a Presenter? Are View Models even necessary anymore?

Timo Tuominen Senior Software Consultant

How to Build Your Company's Digital Confidence


Do you have what it takes to succeed in digital? Here's how we work with our clients to improve their capabilities in leading digital initiatives and creating compelling digital services.