Greetings from our Smart Office trenches

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In February, we had a workshop in London , where participants from our many offices were thinking about the future of our smart office concep…

Lauri Anttila Business Development Manager, Consultant

In Pursuit Of The Gummy Bear - What a neuroscientist taught me about digital transformation.


With a simple experiment, a neuroscientist was able to teach me why so many organisations are getting it wrong when it comes to the change for digital transformation. The experiment is meant to explain how our brain works and emphasize the role of experience in learning. Yet, it made me also understand how the aggressive marketing of agile development methodologies and frameworks has put many transforming organisations in a hamster wheel.

Raid Naim Head of Digital Transformation

How to create value with internet of things


IoT has been a hot topic for many years now. There are dozens of research papers and blog posts that preach about the endless possibilities o…

Antti Partanen Business Development Manager

Cannes Lions roundup


This year, too, we went to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity to see where marketing is headed and how the convergence of tech and creat…

Arttu Tolonen Communications Specialist