Futurice Retail Trends; 2020 Vision


We have compiled a trends report which consists of eight ideas to inspire retailers to innovate and includes actionable opportunities and key drivers to stay competitive. 

Cathy Wang Director, business design & transformation

This might change your way of thinking about light


On 8th October, I took a boat to Silo 468 together with the world class thinkers to challenge and debate the current role of light, natural, artificial, digital, responsive and participatory in architecture and the built environment. We went to Think in a Tank.

Jane Vita Senior Service Creator

Rapid Data Science with Veikkaus dcontext & Spark


Veikkaus dcontext is a tool for accelerating data science effort in JVM by using dynamic class loading. dcontext can reload modified code, while keeping JVMs, SparkContexts and the data sets alive in the computer's or cluster's heap. This can deliver much faster iteration cycle and greatly increased productivity, when dealing with lots of data.

Antti Rauhala Lead Data Scientist