Fortune Cookie, anyone?


What if we could go to the Bahamas after work without leaving the comfort of ‘hygge’ in the middle of the slushy season? Or commute through a…

What is Ahto'17?


The short answer is: Ahto’17 is a huge product and service development workshop that introduces Finnish companies to the Lean Service Creatio…

Arttu Tolonen Communications Specialist

Creating tomorrow's energy industry


It’s practically impossible to overstate the importance of the energy industry, which makes the annual trip to European Utility Week such a p…

Helmut Scherer Managing Director

Charity Starts at Work

The rest

It is not difficult to identify some worrying trends in the society today that take us towards harder values and a less inclusive world. To balance that companies need to take a more active role.

Teemu Turunen Corporate Hippie