Making of a Social Robot

The rest

We have been building a social open source robot together with Helsinki Digitalents. We plan to use it to study human-robot interaction and share our findings.

Teemu Turunen Corporate Hippie

Please design notifications responsibly ( + free sounds )


There is nearly always a sound element connected with a notification. This is obvious when you think of web services used for communication eg. Messenger, Slack and Flowdock. This makes me wonder: why most of the mobile apps don’t have a customised sound in their notifications? The user would hear an instantly recognisable sound instead of the general default sound when a notification appears.

Tuomas Ahva Sound Designer

Fantastic Problems and Where to Find Them


What kind of problems are machine learning and artificial intelligence good at solving, and how do you know when to use them?

Daryl Weir Senior Data Scientist