Lead Service Designer

Open positions

The Stockholm design team is growing. Take the opportunity to shape and influence our client's business, organisation and raising the benchmark of design quality.

Design is Life is Design – Open Application

Open positions

We have a soft spot for people who are passionate about design. No matter how young or experienced designers they are they have a natural ability to engage, surprise, delight and stimulate the senses of the people around them.

Fullstack Developer

Open positions

Whether it's JavaScript frameworks, continuous integration, test automation, deployment frameworks or NoSQL databases, it's about getting to know the technologies, understanding the layers and finally delivering code to production.

Every tech position at Futurice. Ever.

Open positions

We are constantly looking for new developers to join our team in Helsinki. We have some open positions on this web site, but there's a secret you should know about...

Web Developer

Open positions

Are you a passionate web developer who wants to have an impact on people's lives, loves fresh challenges and enjoys life on the edge? You should get in touch!

Senior Full-stack Developer

Open positions

Yep, that's the feeling. Digging into the source of an awesome web page to find clues on how a certain thing is made. Maybe you want to see w…


Lean Service Creation - a video blog


Futurice is developing new ways to work and deliver world class digital services to their clients. Head of Design, Anton Schubert presents his thoughts on the development in this video.

Lean Service Creation, part 1


Digital transformation is a billion-euro opportunity for enterprises in all industries. To succeed we need to learn from the big and small winners of the digital world.

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It is awesome to organize events to awesome people! The best possible feedback came from the waiters saying it was awesome to be on duty when there afe so many happy and friendly party people around. Big thanks to the whole organizing team, all the guests for being part of the awesomeness and @aanirasia for the excellent Music and Light gear. @futurice Thank you for the opportunity and the trust! #Futubileet #futufinlandia Been there done that! #workingatfuturice #realftrc