Strategy and organisational change for digital transformation

Strategy and organisational change

We help you turn the digital transformation of your industry into a business opportunity. In an era of rapid changes in technology, customer habits and business models, definite answers are hard to come by. We make sure you learn all you can from every disruption, no matter which path you choose, and that your organisation is ready to act when the time comes.

Digital readiness evaluation

We know what is required for success in the digital business landscape. Digital readiness evaluation gives you a picture of how prepared your organization is to reap the benefits of the coming changes in its environment. Evaluation creates an overview of the current status of your organization and elevates the level of discourse regarding where it’s heading.

What we look for and foster in your organisation:

  • A culture of experimentation
  • Customer-centric business creation
  • Leading with data
  • Marketing as a dialogue
  • Delivery clock speed
  • Management system for speed and outcomes

Digital perspective on strategy

We give you a look at your company’s strategy from a digital perspective. The real value comes from integrating this perspective into the company’s general strategy. Digital is a tool and a driver of change. It needs to be understood in a specific industry context. 

We offer:

  • Industry digital transformation status 
  • Nature and direction of change 
  • Available choices 
  • A roadmap for the move forward

Change management and roadmapping

We build up your organisation for the digital age and look at your most valuable asset - people. Long-term success comes from people understanding the opportunities digital provides and giving them the tools to successfully drive initiatives forward. Change starts with an understanding of how the organisation works now and identifying internal change agents as well as opportunities for a better innovation culture. 

Chief digital officer for hire

We are ready to share all we know to raise our customers’ level of performance. An efficient way to disseminate information about digital is to bring in people with the desired knowledge. We recommend digital officers for hire for companies that want to understand what the right qualities for a person leading digital initiatives are before committing to a permanent recruitment. Or companies that need some temporary help to raise their digital competence level. Chief Digital Officers for hire are senior consultants with an overview of all things digital and the ability to infuse your organization with new thinking and new approaches. They can also tap into the knowledge of the rest of Futurice’s experts.

For more information, contact:

Mathias Calonius Site Head, Munich / Partner
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Raid Naim Head of Digital Transformation
Timo Hyväoja Vice President
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Mika Ruokonen Business Director
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