Solution architecture

Solution architecture at Futurice is closely related to our application development work. It's usually delivered as a part of our service design and development projects. Our solution architects drive the implementation of new services and digitalisation of key business processes.

Our solution architects typically focus on three main areas:

Technology and platform selection for new digital services

It’s important to pick the right tools for the job. We draw on our extensive knowledge and experience with open source and commercially available technologies to make decisions and recommendations. We do not have exclusive partnerships with technology vendors, so we’re free to pick the right technology for the task at hand. We are proponents of modern open source technologies and state-of-the-art commercial cloud platforms. 

Solution design and integration architecture for superior technical quality

To ensure the high quality of the system’s overall technical design, our solution architects develop systems in co-operation with the project team. Solution architects oversee the implementation, integrations, QA and launch of new digital products and services, but responsibility rests with the whole team. We try to avoid stifling hierarchies.

Stakeholder communication and co-operation for smooth delivery 

The end-user experience depends, to a great degree, on the seamless interaction of a variety of systems and applications, most of which the user is not aware of. Today’s digital services need to cope with high loads, intermittent failures and malicious attacks. The continuous deployment of new releases and the potential failure of the underlying infrastructure and integrations require resilient solutions to deliver high availability and performance. The complexity of a modern IT landscape needs to be properly orchestrated to ensure that all systems work as expected, provide proper interfaces and enable the user to do what she wants.

For more information, contact:

Olli Salonen Senior Technical Lead
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