Quality assurance

In agile service and software design, quality assurance is a continuous process.

QA tasks, tools and responsibilities vary from project to project and it’s something everyone takes responsibility for. This is why we recruit talented people with high standards, a capacity for self-criticism and a passion for continuous learning. Transparency is an important aspect of our work, so key people always know what the status of a project is and whether there are any open issues.

Normal QA tasks include sprint and test planning, user story creation, functional testing, non-functional testing, error management, release management and work coordination.

Our QA people will bring the necessary QA processes to the project and help provide an overall understanding of what end-users most value in their use of the service. They'll also help prepare for the unexpected. 

QA is an integral part of the development team’s work and touches upon a wide spectrum of roles, but we also have people who specialize in usability testing, functional testing, load testing and test automation.

We have our own portable test lab for usability testing. We go where the users are and test the services they use in an environment they are comfortable in.

Over many years of mobile application development, we’ve collected a huge mobile device library for testing. All modern (and most legacy) operating systems and platforms are covered, on different sizes and models.

For web service development we prefer cloud-based and open source testing tools, such as specific web browser add-ons/ extensions, Neustar Website Load testing, Browserstack, Robot Framework and Selenium, just to name few.

For more information, contact:

Toni Kajantola Test Manager - Test Uncle, Product owner
+358 40 747 6487