Digital strategy

It is often beneficial to view the existing strategy from a digital viewpoint. The digital is fundamentally transforming many business landscapes and providing opportunities in others. The full customer experience is a combination of the physical and the digital touchpoints, delivered in coordination. The abundant data gives understanding about the future, your customers and their lifecycle.

There is no definite answers available in the era of rapid changes in technology, customer habits and business models. It is more about agreeing on the common directions and creating ways to maximize the learnings on the chosen paths.

Digital readiness evaluation

There are six dimensions which create the elements of success in the digital business landscape: culture of experimentation, customer centric business creation, leading with data, marketing is dialogue, clock speed of delivery and management system for speed and outcomes. Digital readiness evaluation creates a good overview of the current status based on these dimensions and elevates the discussions of where the company really is and what the directions might be.

Digital perspective to the strategy

Digital strategy as a separate study might be relevant, but the real value comes from integrating the digital perspective to the general company strategy. Digital is more of a tool and also a driver of change, which needs to be understood in the context of the specific industry and company. The outcome of a digital strategy perspective is an understanding the status of the digital transformation in the industry, what the directions might be for the industry, what the available choices are and what is the commonly agreed roadmap to go forward.




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