Analytics and digital service creation

At Futurice analytics serves a single purpose: it helps us to create digital services that customers love and businesses are proud of.

Our approach is based on learning and understanding the consumers and markets and then designing and building services that meet those needs. We don’t believe in purely data-driven decision making but instead combine stories from data with intuition and user feedback to obtain a balanced view of the customer needs and expectations. Our analytics helps to:

  • Provide a framework for determining aims and relevant KPIs
  • Measure and track usage to understand customer behaviour and service usability
  • Predict future outcomes and to understand related drivers
  • Convert data into insights and insights into actions to drive improvements

In essence, analytics is one of the tools that enables us to deliver the quality that clients and customers truly deserve. It complements our other tools that draw from design, development and business consulting to form a powerful package that we call Lean Service Creation.

What is our offering?

Web and mobile analytics - tracking, analysis and optimization of websites, applications and marketing campaigns based on well-defined needs and goals.

Customer insights - from segmentation to predictions and financial modelling to minimizing churn – we help you to turn data into happy customers and better business.

Machine learning - Not all data are numeric. We know how to mine and extract knowledge from complex and unstructured data sets and how to harness this to drive business improvements.