Heli Ihamäki Heli Ihamäki

Heli Ihamäki

Design Director

I'm a UX Consultant, who believes that the key to exceptionally great UX lies in the combination of user, business & technology understanding. In my work I enjoy working in close co-operation with the customers in order to find a problem worth solving, figuring out the concept that will solve that problem and defining efficient and delightful interactions. I also work to develop our own and customer's UX processes.

During my career I've worked with plenty of different clients in fields of mobile device industry, consumer mobile apps & web services, heavy machinery, B2B applications and many others. While the focus of the UX work may vary in these different environments, I feel it's always crucial to understand the users and their needs and to design a solution that best meets those needs, not forgetting about the business side of things.

In my free time I'm a passionate eventing rider and aspiring interior designer.