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Shout out for Mad-skilled Duracell Hachikos (Senior Full Stack developers)

You read correct. Let us explain.

First act: The hero identifies themselves

Mad skills: Are you a widely capable Full stack developer? Do you jump into new challenges with explorative spirit? Can you apply your past learnings also when working out of your comfort zone? Do you take high pride in the work that you do? Do you dare to challenge the people around you to do things differently?

Five times “YES”? You got some mad skills!

Duracell: Do you often run with high energy levels? Have people ever said that you must have been born a little tipsy? Are you a person to get excited about complex challenges - whether being technical or customer-oriented? Are you a proactive doer who gets things done? Are you a passionate team player?

Five times “YES” again? You have the bunny in you!

Hachiko: Do you trust in others, and do others place their trust in you? Are you a believer of caring? Are you such a strong believer of caring that “leave no one behind” is one cornerstone of your behaviour? Do you consider yourself kind and humble, but also able to stand up to defend your values and opinions when being challenged? Do you provide others support and expect the same in return when in need?

Still five times “YES”?? You are a true friend!

Second act: The opportunity awakens

Futurice is growing. And we’re offering you a sweet spot to join our new growing team where we’ll be exploring new client relationships and projects. The ambition is to find more opportunities within healthcare, education and other industries where we can leave a meaningful impact through the projects we do.

Futurice is well-known for our self-directed culture. And our people are the heart of the company.

You get to work with some of the most brilliant and talented professionals of the digital world. At Futurice, software engineers work closely together with our designers, analysts, and business consultants, as well as with our customers from various industries. Our aim is to grow the next generation of digital leaders, and that's why this is the place to be for learning.

You will be developing top-notch services in an environment that promotes constant self-improving and sharing ideas with colleagues, through team work, and also event or conference participations. Our public reference cases should give you an idea about what kind of concrete things you could be working with.

Third act: Moment of decision

At this point, the hero is on the verge of decisions. The story makes our hero tick, but it might also bring some anxiety. “This could be me. But what is expected exactly? Are they looking for a rain-maker?”.

Time to still encourage our hero. The hero can bounce some JavaScript, Scala, Node, React, SQL, Java, or .NET. But there’s more than the capability to use the tools they are good at. There’s an ambition to learn and grow. There’s a need to belong. And there’s a passion to make an impact.

Next step is up to you.

Please apply latest by the 15th of February

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