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Senior Front-End Developer

Are amazing web services your thing? Excellent! We are looking for people with world-class web development skills and especially front-end skills to create the digital services of the future.

You appreciate elegant code and high-quality web craftsmanship. If you have a knack for architecture design, cloud services, mobile technology, or you might even possess mad design skills, all the better.

You like to surround yourself and collaborate with motivated people of various skills and backgrounds. You are continuously learning more and getting better at what you do. You're aware of the recent discoveries in web technologies and know what's happening in the developer community.

Futurice is in good shape. We are growing profitably and working hard to have a positive impact on the world. We believe in the value of tech and it is in the core of our work. We also want to give back to the community. With our open source and social responsibility programs we make it easier for you to give your personal contribution.

Do you want to be challenged by your work and learn from equally skilled and passionate colleagues? Get in touch!

Here’s what Futurice boils down to: freedom and responsibility.

Those are the two most important things on offer here, as far as your quality of life goes. You’ll have great colleagues and together with them you have the freedom to define the best way to do your work and to make your life here as rewarding as possible. You will have responsibility for your own work and the power to influence how the company operates.

Be heard. We value everyone’s input into how the company is run.

Experiment. Try new things. Drive what you are passionate about.

Fail interestingly - succeed spectacularly.

These are the sort of things we’ll hope you do at Futurice.

We’re constantly growing and changing as a company, so we want you to grow as a person and professional, too. Whenever you need support, we’ll do all we can to help you move in the direction you want. At Futurice you’ll work side by side with world-class experts from many disciplines. We don’t build silos for tech, design and advisory, we build solutions as one team.

Our offices in four different countries have employees from over 30 different nationalities. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to see different things - from projects to lifestyles. Our Munich office offers an international environment and an easy-going mentality, but at the same time interesting career-opportunities and the ability to travel internationally if you want to.

With our projects you get to work interesting current problems and build services used by millions of customers for work and leisure. Come and join us!

What awaits you as Senior Front-end Developer

We do our work in interdisciplinary teams, starting from defining the digital service concepts. The cases we do are challenging, novel and done for many industries. Your work would include developing web applications and services ranging from rich client applications to complex web services. 

An important part of the work is to share your experiences with your colleagues. Constant learning and self-improvements happen a lot through the work, as we encourage people and projects to use the best technologies currently available. The learning is further supported by the possibility to participate in conferences and by team events. Work is work, but we believe it should also be enjoyable and fun. We believe in flat hierarchies and giving everyone the opportunity to make an impact.

What we look forward in you

You have the drive and the skill required to build and ship high-quality software in an agile team. You have a strong background in front-end development (Javascript/ES6, CSS3, HTML5) with experience in more than one major client-side frameworks (e.g. React, Vue, Angular, Ember, Backbone). Knowledge of reactive frameworks and modern architectures (MVP/MVC/MVVM) are a plus. You are not afraid to use modern testing tools and to write concise effective unit tests. You understand the role of continuous integration and delivery in a product’s success.

As you have gained experience you have also created a comprehensive picture how you can play a role to support solving problems independent of whether they are on the client, server side or in the system architecture. You have probably also gained experience with cloud technologies and architectures (AWS, Docker, etc.). Configuring of the build systems is clear to you (Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, etc.). New things are already on the horizon and you are looking forward to pick them up.

We work closely with our customers both remotely and at our customers’ premises. Your great communication makes collaboration go nicely and help the team to work smoothly. English is our company language and you speak it fluently, German skills are beneficial but not necessary. Most of the work is done in the Munich area, but sometimes projects require travelling and this can be agreed on project basis.

All in all, we are not just looking for a person for a specific position. We are looking for people who know their stuff and who are eager to learn more!

If this sounds like something you can and want to do, and you're a friendly person who is fun to work with, we would love to get to know you! Please send your application and your CV (if possible with examples of your work e.g. GitHub, app stores, portfolios) to

Ps: If you want to experience other cities you also have the opportunity to work at our other sites, e.g. Berlin, London or Helsinki, through client projects or our FutuHike program. Futurice also offers sponsorships for open source contributions that you do in your free time. And since you know best for you to work effectively, you get a credit card, a budget, and the freedom of choice to buy the tools you need.


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