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Frontend/Fullstack developer for intelligent database

We will democratise AI, join us. is a product startup, that operates as an independent Futurice subsidiary. We are launching an intelligent database product, which - essentially - provide diverse set of smart functionality like predictions, matchmaking, personalization, smart search and chat-bot like functionality through SQL-like query interface. We seek to transform the way AI technologies are used in the industry and to democratize AI in the digital landscape.

We are looking for a frontend/fullstack developer to join our tech team in Helsinki.

What is Aito?

Aito is way to help companies to become more intelligent with relation to their data. We learned through customer projects and listening the markets that companies, no matter small or big, high-tech or traditional, desire to be more intelligent. In essence what they need is an intelligent database which is easy and fast to use.

Aito’s target is to make developer shine in her team by bringing a developer tool, a set of technology and interfaces, which she can use to add intelligence to their digital functions. We are building a product company, not consultancy service company. Our product will be used as a Saas (or PaaS).

We are confident we are doing something truly new, which will shape the future. Whether it shapes a lot or little, we do not know. Whether we fail first time miserably and after a bit rise even stronger and make it even more successful, we do not know. What we know for sure is that we want to build a team which has vision and courage to choose the right things to start with and attitude to get things done.

How can you tell if Aito is match for you?

We are doing our first hirings now. That means that we have an idea what we need, but more important is that you are a person who can grow into the team on our journey which is just beginning.

We hope you are able to proactively steer yourself to the most important topics in your domain area, and sometimes are capable on jumping to backup other team members.

Formal competencies or achievement lists are not required. The most important thing is that you have desire and passion to learn, and you want to do that with others. We're a startup, so we can't afford to have too many redundancies in our competencies, so you should bring something new to the mix. It also means you strive for getting things done, regardless of whether we're optimizing the DB core, or washing the dishes after some event we're hosting.

“Aito”-word translates to authentic and real. That is the style which steers our doing in everything. We are providing real solutions for real problems. You come purely as yourself and throw your personality to build our team even stronger.

The environment will be challenging with all of it’s surroundings. You need to be person who can tolerate the uncertainty and challenges and confront them on the spot. We promise a ride you will never forget, sometimes fun, sometimes demanding. And we promise there is always a team with you on this ride to support you.

To put it short, this recruitment will be very much being part of forming the culture of Aito.

Give me details of this relationship...

While we have some core technology ready, we have used the system and similar techniques in a customer projects successfully. We are now in the process of building the core product, and opening the business. That means you will jump right into building and maturing the product. You'll basically get to work where the rubber is hitting the road.

Now, we are looking for a person to join us and help us with this effort. We're mainly looking for someone who will fill in our gap on working with the Frontend. In our case this means that you should have solid experience with running node.js in production, being fluent with CSS, and have some eye for beauty and usability. Or, if you think we're wrong and feel we should build our stack with Elm, Haskell or something even more exotic, then convince us you know what you're talking about.

In summary, you should

  • be fluent and productive with the frontend stack (node.js et. al.)
  • understand that what you write today will be your headache (or pride and joy) for quite some time in the future
  • have the want and need to get the work done, but as important, make sure we learn from you and your expertise
  • have experience in running some real life production software
  • understand and be able to enforce a top-notch software process and understand the impact of your this work, and your work in particular, on both our direct customers and also the end-users
  • have the right attitude and aspiration for building world class software, if things go as we plan and hope, we're positioning ourselves against some quite hefty giants in the field, and second-grade simply won't cut it
  • hopefully be able to tick some of the boxes in the tech list consisting of AWS, Google Cloud, Scala, DevOps, ElasticSearch/RDBMS, to be able to work on the entire stack

We're basically looking for a person who is ready to do the necessary and important things, when they come up. Life in a startup means that basically every day brings forth some new surprise and a chance to learn something new.

We're offering

  • a front row seat in the roller-coaster. Every day is and will be a bit different for a foreseeable future.
  • a team where we work smarter, not more. We don't really believe in "crunch-mode". A good work-life balance means we can keep running for a long time. This will be necessary, since this is a long-term relationship, not a one-night stand or a short fling.
  • a chance to bring-your-own-tech. We don't have rules and policies on how things must be done. If it makes sense for us, our customers and the end-users, then we take it. We have the privilege to do things our way. Any way.
  • a salary and a meaningful work-life balance. We don't run a sweat shop, and hence we don't expect you to work for free either.
  • a chance to work on something truly unique. If our vision pans out, even to some extent, you are and will forever have a core member of something great. Even if we'd land a bit shy of this, you'll still have a war story to recite by the campfire to an awestruck audience.

Interested? Want to hear more? Shoot me an email at

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