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We have a soft spot for people who are passionate about design. No matter how young or experienced designers they are they have a natural ability to engage, surprise, delight and stimulate the senses of the people around them. They are the ones who become the key people in changing the world by turning complex challenges into sublime and elegant simplicity during the ongoing on-demand age of digital services. We are looking for these designers. We are always hiring.

What can we offer you?

What we offer

In addition, our recent reference cases shed light on what kind of concrete end results you might be also producing in the future.

What do we expect from you?

We’re looking for natural design thinkers and masters of their craft who’ll find the best design solutions and new ideas. They inspire both clients and colleagues, and are or have the potential to be visionary coaches and trusted mentors. On a more concrete level, have a look at the map of different areas you might have something special to offer:

What we offer

Last but definitely not least, we of course are looking for people who fit our culture. What is Futurice culture about? The best way to find out is to work with us but in the mean time there are some sources you can take a look at to get a rough idea.

Futurice Culture

Spice Program


Lean Service Creation


Futurice Blog

About Futurice

Futurice is a new breed of innovation consultancy with digital at its core. We are owned by Futurice’s original founders and the people who work here. Currently there are nearly 450 of us in London, Helsinki, Stockholm Berlin, Munich and Tampere. This includes talented people who understand lean startup mentality, design thinking mindset and agile ways of working. We don’t like to limit ourselves to a particular domain or technology. This allows us to solve complex business challenges for our clients in a multitude of business areas, including financial services, media, automotive, energy and technology, just to name a few. Every problem is as unique as the people for whom it’s an issue and the people solving it. In order to help our client organisations to imagine, envision and lead the transformation of the future we need a versatile team of talented people who are up to this challenge. We are constantly looking for new members into our design family. We believe that every talented designer has something to offer, so we hire people first. Then we look for the right role and the right project.

What next?

We are constantly looking for new designers who identify themselves from this article. We look for people with different kinds of backgrounds, and different levels of experience. You do not have to have a specific background or skillset, but you absolutely have to be a designer – you know, as a person.

To convince us that you are one of us, don't just tell us where you have worked or studied. Tell us who you are, where you are heading at, and especially what you would honestly like to do. Describe what you already know, and what you will learn next. Leave us an open application and if you need inspiration for it you might want to take a look at our five steps to a great application.

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Please tell why you and us would be a great match. You can also add links to, for example, your GitHub, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, or portfolio.

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Maria Calonius Recruitment Manager