Whappu app to experience Wappu like never before

Whappu app


Whappu is the best way to experience the buzz around celebration of the 1st of May – no matter where you are in Tampere area. Students of Tampere University of Technology can use the app to:

  • Post messages and pictures to the Whappu Buzz ­feed
  • Find events and relevant points of interest on the map
  • Get information about events
  • Read announcements from the Wappu team
  • Compete against each other between guilds

Have fun and celebrate Wappu like never before!

Download Whappu for Android phone

Download Whappu for iPhone


Something missing from the app?

Whappu app is Open Source and you can contribute: 

futurice/wappuapp-backend: API for Wappu app client on GitHub

futurice/wappuapp-client: Android and iOS clients for the Futurice Whappu app! on GitHub

Futurice Open Source Program


For more information, contact:

Kimmo Brunfeldt Software Developer
+35850 368 2914