TiK 1110 -competition for the guilds in Otaniemi

Congratulate TiK - Win a guild room sponsorship!

TiK is turning 11110 this year! Futurice wants to congratulate the computer scientists with some futuristic creations. We challenge all the guilds in Otaniemi to create a virtual reality greeting card to celebrate TiK.

The rules are simple:

  1. Plan and shoot* a photosphere** to congratulate TiK

  2. Send the resulting JPEG file to by 12:00 on 11.2.2016.

  3. Futurice will publish your photosphere during TiK’s annual ball on 12.2.2016

  4. The guild that creates the most creative, funny and/or futuristic photosphere will win a 500 € sponsorship for their guild room.

*) For more info and instructions on how to take a photosphere with your mobile phone, go here: You don’t need to publish the photosphere to Google Streetview. Just send the JPEG to the email above.
**) You can replace the photosphere with other VR-content if you wish. Just make sure that it’s Google Cardboard compatible and viewable with a web browser on most modern Android and iOS phones.

TiK 1110 -competition



For more information, contact:

Tuomas Paasonen Work culture engineer / Social responsibility
+358 40 7580 476