Slush 2015

Solu in action
You can try out a Solu computer at the Futurice stand

Futurice@Slush = Cool gadgets + good coffee + awesome company!

The Futurice stand will feature a café, an opportunity to take a closer look at how Lean Service Creation works (a time machine may be involved) plus a comprehensive selection of some of the newest tech out there, like Raspberry Pi, Solu and a closer look at VR as used by a major real estate player. Oculus Rift, with its standard demos, was a big hit at last year's stand and this year we have an actual implementation to show. Exciting!

Trying out Oculus Rift at FutuCafé 2014
A tight grip on the table while trying out Oculus Rift at last year's FutuCafé

For a little taste of what to expect, check out our pre- and post-Slush blogposts from last year.

Join us at Slush to get the most out of Finland's best-known tech industry shindig.  

Slush 2015

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For more information, contact:

Oskar Ehnström Developer
+35850 304 5038