Second Clojure Munich Meetup

Second Clojure Munich Meetup

Futurice Munich, Implerstraße 7

We're thrilled to announce the second meetup of the Munich Clojure user group hosted by futurice. Everybody's welcome, no experience required.

Event has around 3 presentations, each 15–30 minutes long, with some time for chat and refreshments in between. Talk proposals are more than welcome! We'd love to learn about that new library you played with, the cool project you were working on last weekend, or your company's network of Clojure-based services satisfying thousands of requests per second.

• Web Applications in Clojure with Joy Clark
• Adventures in homoiconicity with Franka Schmidt
• Specification and conformance with clojure.spec with Stefan Widmaier

For more information, contact:

Yrjö Kari-Koskinen Senior Consultant