SDN Meetup: Designing IoT Services

What first comes to mind when IoT is mentioned are sensors, actuators and other techie stuff. However, when building real services the technology is not the problem. The problem is how to provide real end user value. Even the best technical solutions are worth nothing, unless they solve a real user problem and provide a compelling customer experience.

We at Futurice are focused on bringing the end user value to the center in IoT projects. This is why we have developed the IoT Service Kit, an open-source service design tool specially crafted for designing IoT -services and taken into use by top companies like BMW, Bosch, GE and Tesco.

Together with SDN Finland, we will arrange an interactive workshop, where you'll get to work hands on with the kit and learn how to use it for user-centered design of IoT Services. The workshop will take place at Futurice Tampere office Kelloportinkatu 1 D 5th floor, 33100 Tampere on Tue 28th February from 17.00 to 20.00. The workshop is facilitated by Ricardo Brito, Service Design Lead at Futurice Berlin and one of the creators of the kit.

The event is fully booked, but more tickets may become available later. You can add yoursef to wait list at:

For more information, contact:

Heli Ihamäki Design Director
+358 40 356 7912