Revolution needed? Or what else makes your organizational change a successful one?

Revolution needed? Or what else makes your organizational change a successful one?

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Organizational change is complex and deeply connected to culture, emotion and personality. Therefore, implementing lean and agile mindsets often even feels like starting a revolution. But is a revolution really needed or what else is it, that makes your organizational change a successful one? Let’s have a look, get inspired, gain insights and learn something new!

Come and join two exciting talks in our Futurice Office in Munich:

Rebels with a cause - Johannes Stock, Principal Designer at Futurice Munich

Change is hard. As change agents we face many obstacles in our way to shake up organisation's inertia. To be effective, we need to dance on the fine edge between colluding with our team members and alienating them through our interventions. How can we solve this dilemma?

In this talk I recommend change agents to take position as benevolent rebels. Drawing from my work experience with companies like BMW, Spreadshirt, Porsche and Deutsche Telekom, I introduce concepts and tools that help us wear the rebels sword without the risk of getting lynched.

Understanding the power structure within the system helps us to identify chances and limits of our influence. Trust building activities help us to form strong, much-needed coalitions. Curiosity and humility let us tap into the power of listening without judging. And nurturing a growth mindset of constant learning helps us to deal with inevitable setbacks constructively. This talk is not a case study. It is an encouragement for rebels with a cause.

We need no revolution, but an evolution - Nihan Altug, Service Designer and Advisor at Futurice Munich

Cultural change and capability building in organisation is always a slow process. Additionally, innovation processes are hampered by diffidence, hierarchies, lack of trust and the fear of making mistakes.

What if we can combine the power of service design and lean startup to come up with a greater force that is able to overcome those obstacles and can facilitate and accelerate capability building and cultural change within an organization? With the human centeredness of service design and the data driven focus of lean both, effectiveness and efficiency, can be improved.

If a company does not want to become a fossil and wants to survive, it needs to make a step towards becoming a Digital Doggo - a clever, agile,curious and playful team player. But also the Doggo needs to learn to adapt to his new environment and become both, fast and strong. We need to evolve together in a guided, hands-on innovation context. Let’s have a look how to rely on an honest, casual and trust-based relationship, where we take away the fear to face and talk about pain points.


  • 18:30-19:00 Welcome Drinks & Snacks

  • 19:00-19:45 Rebels with a Cause by Johannes Stock

  • 20:00-20:30 We need no revolution, but an evolution by Nihan Altug

  • 20:30- 21:30 Networking

Be excited for a summerish August night with drinks, snacks and two inspiring talks!

For more information, contact:

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