Powervision hackathon - Robotics and innovation

Come and create new innovative concepts for robotics using service design methodologies!

In this hackathon we do not code, but we will ideate, concept and build together. At the end of the hackathon concepts will be pitched and the winner will be chosen.

Both, students and companies are welcome to join! Companies can send team of 3-4 participants or join other teams. The domain of companies and students can be e.g. service design, industrial design, sensors, programming, electronics, drones.

But, everyone interested in service design is most welcome!


Thursday May 11th @Tredea, Tampella
klo 17–20

Kickoff, where Powervision and facilitators introduce participants to the theme of the hackathon and to lean service creation methodology. Building teams and choosing topics. Business objectives and context, immersion, segmentation and preparing the problem interviews.

Reserve time for the interviews!

3-4 problem interviews, which help you to find the problem worth solving.

Wednesday May 17th @Tredea, Tampella
klo 17–20

Insight, ideation, concepting and value proposition.

Friday May 19th @Crazy Town, Rautatienkatu
klo 9-18

Fake advertisment, validation, customer engagement and profiling the concept, pitching. At the end of the day teams will pitch their concepts, feedback is collected and the winner is rewarded.


For more information, contact:

Mirkka Länsisalo Lead Service Designer, Culture Engineer