Lean Service Creation Taster Course (London)

Learn Service Creation Crash Course

26 - 28 Underwood Street, London N1 7JQ
United Kingdom


Lean Service Creation (LSC) is the horizontal block of the T-shaped skills model. In other words, the glue, the language, and tools to make interdisciplinary teams work seamlessly together to get shit done. LSC is a response to the challenge that individual expertise (the vertical part of the T-shape) are too often siloed and don’t work together.

In this half-a-day workshop Futurice’s Risto Sarvas, a culture engineer and a professor, gives a hands-on introduction to the LSC tools. Mainly on what are the basic and lean elements of creating new services and business, and how hugely important are tools for the team to stop fooling themselves and focusing only on what is meaningful and relevant.

Who is this course for?

Participants include managers and business owners, as well as marketing and product developers. If you are a product leader, UX advocate, or a start-up that wants to build amazing internet products then this course is for you. You can check out the Lean Service Creation YouTube channel here.


08:30 - Breakfast

09:00 - Introduction & Welcome

09:30 - Exercise 1: Lean and Service Design, it all boils down to three things

10:30 - Exercise 2: Critical Crystallisation

11:30 - Discussion on how to adopt & apply

About Risto

Risto is the co-founder of LSC and works at Futurice and spend most of his time helping large corporations engineer their work culture through digital business transformations. Risto is also an adjunct professor at Aalto University, Finland, teaching design and social media.