Futurice x Webinale: Re-thinking customer-centricity

Futurice x Webinale: Re-thinking customer-centricity

Maritim Proarte Hotel, Friedrichstraße 151
10117 Berlin


Possibilities in the new digital age seem to be endless. Smart algorithms, voice-enabled devices or data-driven services are just the tip of the new technology iceberg. These developments bring innovative business models, digital services and new customer experience - often driven by digital innovators and start-ups that understand today’s need for a customer-centric approach. But this rethink of the business world still didn't arrive in all industries and even former big players struggle with resetting their organizational mindset to being more customer-focused.

We want to change that! Let’s talk about how to prepare organizations for the disrupting processes and make them understand what the digital customer looks for.

Interested? Then come join us on the Webinale on June 6th. Our Director Business Innovation & Digital Strategy, Vanessa Schmoranzer, will introduce the necessary mindset-shift and give impulses for a customer-centricity that creates meaningful experiences. Learn about 10 relevant success factors, that help to catch-up and get back to success - before it comes to disruption.

We will be happy to see you on Wed, June 6th at 4.30pm. Let’s get ready for the future!



For more information, contact:

Vanessa Schmoranzer Lead Digital Transformation / Business Transformation
+49 159 0 458 3205