Tech Open Air Berlin - Facial Recognition

Tech Open Air 2017

Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastr. 18, 12459


Facial recognition, AI and machine learning – is this the rosy picture of our brave new world? Some of us are anticipating that we will be saving millions and leaning back on a couch eating grapes while robots do all the work. But others fear, that algorithms that are now reliable enough for sophisticated automatic facial recognition to replace people with machines.

Can it also be, that AI will dehumanize customer experience and even more importantly customer’s lives? Let’s have a look how the truth lies somewhat in between and how we can cope in a world where we have to balance digital with real life security.

Curious how facial recognition develops and what this means for our daily lives? Then stop by at Gian Casanova’s talk on July, 12th at 2 pm in studio 4 or say hi at our booth in the data infrastructure area. 

Remember: There is no future, but the one we make.

For more information, contact:

Simone Mitterer Director Marketing & Communications Germany
+49 151 1134 7947