Futurice x Global Service Jam

Futurice x Global Service Jam



Could you imagine anything better than a weekend full of designing, dreaming and experimenting with no boundaries but your own mind? Within a diverse group of people bursting with energy and creativity? Welcome to Service Jam 2018! From March 9th until 11th more than 80 cities around the globe will host these 48 hours creative sprints that enable participants to exchange, discuss and create. As this is exactly what we love doing, we will be part of the Service Jam Berlin and Service Jam Munich! Our Design Director Melanie will join with a key note in Berlin and our Service Designer Nihan will join as Facilitator in Munich and support you with their experience and creative minds.

So don’t hesitate and secure yourself one of the limited places for Munich and Berlin. No prior knowledge necessary - just bring your head with a smile! We would love to see you around!


For more information, contact:

Simone Mitterer Director Marketing & Communications Germany
+49 151 1134 7947