Futurice x re:publica : Emerging technologies as a chance & the importance of the human factor

Futurice x re:publica : Emerging technologies as a chance

STATION Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 4–6
10963 Berlin

We are thrilled to join this year's re:publica with an amazing talk by our Design Director Melanie Dreser looking into Emerging technologies as a chance. 

What will the talk be about?

When it comes to emerging technologies we often fall back in our old bad habits: Ideas and services are created with tech at the core. Where are people in this equation? How can we create trust for AI, IoT and co?
This talk will describe different emerging technologies that improve people's lives. It will also show what to consider, if you want to solve problems with the means of new technologies.

You are joining re:publica? Then come by and join the talk of our Design Director Melanie!  
We are looking forward to seing you at the Speaker's Corner on May 3rd at 3pm. Let's get inspired together!

For more information, contact:

Melanie Dreser Design Director
01761 101 7746