Futurice x MCBW: How IoT can support the disruptions of life - a live experiment

How IoT can support the disruptions of life - a live experiment

MCBW FORUM, Museumsinsel/Ludwigsbrücke
80538 Munich


Let's kick off our day at MCBW with an exciting event about IoT:

What will it be about?
There is a big hype around IoT. IoT can bring our lives to a new level - so it seems a lot of times when you listen to the discussions around it. But in most of the cases these debates are still very abstract. In our Creative Business Breakfast we invite you to join a live experiment with our very own IoT-Kit, that has been developed out of the frustration experienced by a designer and an engineer in order to give the Internet of Things a more tangible face. Together we will use the IoT-kit to find hands-on solutions for selected problems of our business lives. We will find out about potential ideas and unexpected challenges.

Join us to learn more about how to use and play with the kit to create smarter and better IoT-services for your business, faster than ever before. 

You want to join? Just drop us an e-mail (simone.mitterer@futurice.com) to sign up! We are looking forward to welcoming you to an exciting live experiment and to have a chat over some breakfast and coffee!

For more information, contact:

Simone Mitterer Director Marketing & Communications Germany
+49 151 1134 7947