Futurice x GAAD - Creating Accessible Experiences

Futurice x GAAD - Creating Accessible Experiences

Futurice GmbH, Implerstr. 7
81371 Munich

About the event

Nowadays more and more buildings are being built with an accessible mindset in place. But why isn’t the web? Although the internet was intended to be a free, open and universal place without discrimination, many digital products are still not inclusive. This not only applies to people with disabilities but rather to making products that are easily usable by everyone.

Our event brings together individuals who are passionate on the topic of accessibility and digital inclusivity. We hope to spread the accessible mindset and perspectives from design to development that you can carry forward into your products and services.

Sign up here and join us on Thursday, May 17 2018 for the seventh Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) to talk, think and learn about digital inclusion.

Come by for an evening full of enlightening moments at Futurice. Cold drinks and food will be provided, so all you need to bring is curiosity and a smile!

About the talks

Basics of Accessibility. by Marc Biemer

To start off this meetup, Marc will give us an introduction to digital accessibility. We will talk about the diversity of web users and how inclusive products influence their lives in many ways.

Accessible Lifestyle for Everyone. by Franziska Sgoff

Franziska will show us how she uses assistive technology in her daily life as she was born blind. She will share some examples - good as well as bad - she has experienced. Franzi will also give us some insights into how big corporations deal with accessibility.

Live. Learn. Access. by Núria Peña

Accessibility is much more than following certain guidelines and standards. It’s about people. In this talk Núria will provide some resources designers can use to build more empathy, and this way, create inclusive products and services.

Inclusive Coding. by James Robb

Developers, listen closely! James will give us an introduction to accessibility from the perspective of code. We will explore topics such as semantic markup, WAI-ARIA and WCAG. To close, James will provide us a live demo of building an accessible component using the topics covered.

About the Speakers

Marc Biemer recently joined the Futurice Family as a Designer in the Munich Office, after working as a Researcher and User Experience Designer. Through his designs, he wants to enhance the human experience by making them more emotional and humorous. Simultaneously he strongly believes that the products we create have to be usable for everyone. Besides scribbling joyful interfaces, he is often found relaxing at the Isar or skateboarding through the city.

Franziska Sgoff has given several talks about accessibility and runs a blog on the subject. She aims to break the barriers of access to the digital world, by showcasing the experiences of her and others on the web. After her internship at Microsoft, she has begun to provide workshops and presentations aimed at bringing together people and technologies.

Núria Peña works as an Interaction Designer at Holidu where she works closely together with developers and come up with solutions to solve complex problems. Núria is really passionate about accessibility and inclusive design, so she is going above and beyond trying to break the barriers and improve the access to the product to everyone. Originally from Barcelona, she always brings her mediterranean spirit and positive mood into the conversation.

James Robb is a Software Engineer. After leaving the Highlands of Scotland, he has been working as a Freelancer in some of Europe’s largest cities and tech hubs (London, Paris, ...). Since 2016 James has been living in Munich and working as a Fullstack Developer on complex projects. James is passionate about accessibility and aims to promote the accessible mindset through his work and professional interactions. He likes to share his work and thoughts on CodePen or Twitter.


For more information, contact:

Simone Mitterer Director Marketing & Communications Germany
+49 151 1134 7947