Futurice x CEBIT - Neo-Stability: A crisis concept in the digital age

Futurice x CEBIT - Neo Stability: A crisis concept in the digital age

Hall 17, Deutsche Messe, Hermesallee
30521 Hannover


Life becomes more global, more digital and consequently more complex. In our personal lives, we can address this complexity with routines, helpful applications - or just off-time for ourselves.

Companies, on the other hand, often still struggle with the increasing complexity and uncertainty of today’s digital business. Long-established patterns can’t be applied anymore, although the need for stability is higher than ever before. What might help in these times is Neo-stability, a concept developed by Vanessa Schmoranzer, our Director for Business Innovation and Digital Strategy.

Want to know more? Meet Vanessa at this year’s Cebit where she will share her view on how to master complexity and how organizations can make their business future-proof.

Come by and visit her talk on Tuesday, June 12th at 3:20 pm on the Expert Stage in hall 17 and be inspired.

We will be happy to meet you in Hannover!


For more information, contact:

Vanessa Schmoranzer Lead Digital Transformation / Business Transformation
+49 159 0 458 3205