Futu AW #1: Futurice's IoT Service Kit (Stockholm)

Futu AW #1: IoT Service Kit

Playhouse Theater, Drottninggatan 71A

Come along to our first Futurice AW in Stockholm and learn more about us and the IoT Service Kit, as co-creator, Ricardo Brito, flies into the city to share the story behind the Kit. 

The IoT Service Design Kit is a co-creation tool for exploring user-centric interactive scenarios. The goal is to let user experience drive the process of merging physical and digital realities into successful digital services.

Ricardo Brito will present Futurice's IoT Service Design Kit, the story behind it and how to ideate on possible IoT scenarios. This kit brings designers, developers and business developers out of their digital silos to play with IoT concepts in the real world.

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The IoT Kit in action.