Introduction to Blockchain

Introduction to Blockchain

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There is a lot of talk about blockchain around the internets. It seems to hold a lot of promise, but exact possibilities and problems are not yet so clear.

We've already been exploring the blockchain technology in practice (see what we did with blockchain and payrolls) and would like to invite you to listen, learn and discuss. We will not preach, but will take a critical look at both promises and tradeoffs of the technology.

Google Trends analysis on the term "blockchain"

We will have two speakers:

Timo Seppälä from Etla, who has researched blockchain and it's business implications for some years. He will give an overview of the promises and potential in blockchain. This presentation fits everyone, so no technical background is needed. For bio and publications, see Timo Seppälä's page at Etla's site.

Our very own Juho Vähä-Herttua, who has been looking into the implementation side of Blockchain for some time now and will take a deeper look into technology as well as discuss whether it's actually worth the hype: potential gains and tradeoffs. This is more technical presentation but you are welcome to try to stay onboard even if you aren't a technologist yourself :)

After the presentations, there is some time for discussion and questions.

Edit: Thank you all for your interest and excellent discussion! The presentations are found here:

Timo Seppälä: Platforms, blockchains and its business implications


For more information, contact:

Kirsi Louhelainen Senior Consultant, FutuLabs Lead
+358 50 375 9009