Data-Driven Design Day 2016

The Best Apps Are Built on Data

UPDATE 29.9.2016

UPDATE 20.9.2016

UPDATE 19.9.2016 

  • Good news, the program is ready! Scroll below to find it.
    Bad news, the talk by Juho Paasonen from Zalando is unfortunately cancelled. The freed time will be used to extend the short coffee break to something more relaxing.

UPDATE 16.9.2016

  • We're sold out! Although we are very pleased with the attention, we apologize for not being able to make room for more attendees. Some tickets may become available for purchase on Monday, but we don't expect to sell any at the door at the time of the event. You can watch the stream that will cover the better part of the program.

UPDATE 12.9.2016

UDPATE 2.9.2016: 

  • Ticket price is now set at 30€.
    Emails instructing how to claim your ticket will be sent on Tue 5th September and
    this exclusive chance will last for 1 week unlike what previously announced. Sit tight, it's happening!

Join us on Wednesday 21.9.2016 from 12.00 to 17.00 at the legendary Tavastia Club in Helsinki (Urho Kekkosenkatu 4-6).

Come and learn the tricks of the trade from the data rock stars of Supercell, Rovio, Zalando, RedLynx, Elisa/Reaktor, Digital Foodie, and of course Columbia Road .


12:15/Lassi A Liikkanen/Welcome / Data-Driven Design Tools

12:40/Miikka Ahonen: Rovio/Dos and don’ts of using data to improve your product

13:15/Sampo Hämäläinen: Columbia Road/Brand Engagement with Data Driven Services in Worldcup 2014 - Case Samsung

13:35/Simo Hakkarainen: Futurice/Data-driven design in lean service creation

14:00/Coffee break/

14:30/Ville Suur-Uski : Supercell /Information in Game design

15:05/Justus Hämäläinen: Reaktor /Art Of Experimentation - Case Elisa Kasvutiimi

15:25/Otto Virta: Digital Foodie/Design & Data - A practical view on using data in the design process

15:50/Kari Silvennoinen : Redlynx/2,5 years on the Frontier - Bringing Trials to the service economy


Data-Driven Design Day 2016 is an afternoon event in downtown Helsinki, where over a hundred Futurice customers and a community of like-minded service creators listen to informative keynotes and mingle.

The program consists of several talks from the leading mobile application professionals in Finland and across Europe. The goal is to share practices and ideas on how to make data work for us, enhance the user experience for customers and bring in more revenue for service owners.

Pre-registration concluded on 5.9.2016

Ticketing instructions will appear here after priority ticketing has ended.

If you are currently looking for a ticket, you need some patience. We expect to release a batch of tickets on Monday 12.9.  at 12:00 for sale on - the exact instructions will also appear here. 

Pre-registration and Tickets

Ticketing process for the general public:

1. Pre-registration: June 2016 (now closed)
2. Priority ticket sales: September 2016 (starting 6.9.16, 1 weeks in advance starting)
3. Final ticket sales: September 2016 (14.9.16) in Tiketti

Right now, the event is open for pre-registration. This preliminary registration is not binding. It will give you  a priority in securing your ticket when the sales opens in September.

The pre-registered tickets will be sold 21 at a time max for a price of 30e under 50 e including admission, cloak services and coffee. Drinks can be purchased at the bar.

Streaming and Recording

Live stream will be provided for free. However, be aware that not all speaks may be streamed neither recorded.  Details of streaming will be released on this page week prior to the event.

Program and Speakers

This year the program will be fully delivered in English.

Speakers and topics (not in the order of appearance), minute schedule will be available by the start of ticketing:

Lassi A Liikkanen : Welcome to DDDD2016 & Data-Driven Design Tools

Ville Suur-Uski (Supercell) Information in Game Design

Juho Paasonen (Zalando) Data-driven Product Design in Fashion e-Commerce

Miikka Ahonen (Rovio) : Dos and Donts of Using Data to Improve Your Product

Otto Virta (Digital Foodie) Design & Data - A Practical View on Using Data in the Design Process

Sampo Hämäläinen (Columbia Road) : Brand Engagement with Data Driven Services in Worldcup 2014 - Case Samsung

Kari Silvennoinen (Redlynx) 2,5 years on the Frontier - Bringing Trials to the service economy

Justus Hämäläinen & Aleksi Rinta-Kauppila (Reaktor) Art Of Experimentation - Case Elisa Kasvutiimi

Simo Hakkarainen (Futurice): Data-driven design in lean service creation

Venue and Date

Data-Driven Design Day

Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6




Best regards, Lassi A Liikkanen, Data-Driven Design Specialist @lassial

For more information, contact:

Lassi A. Liikkanen Digital Analyst Lead