Certified Scrum Product Owner® course

Product ownership is much more than user stories and prioritizing the work. It's about leading the product to create happy customers and find business success. It's an exploration, an ongoing search and discovery, and things will change. Scrum and Agile can give you effective means to translate your understanding of the changing environment into effective actions. 
In this course, you will gain insights into the big and the small.
In the big, we will explore questions like:

  • What are the business benefits of using Agile? When is Scrum the right approach? When should we use some other approach? Can we combine different approaches?
  • What am I expected of in the Product Owner role? How do I interact with the Development Team and the ScrumMaster, or with the stakeholders?
  • How do I plan for future? What kind of commitments are safe to make? How do those commitments affect the work we do?
  • What is value, and how can I understand and visualize it to guide my decisions?
  • In the small, we will look at things like:
  • How can I effectively describe the things / features my clients and users want? How much detail is useful, and when?
  • How can I get the Development Team's feedback on risks, opportunities, effort and consequences of planned work?
  • What techniques can I use to elicit needs and value information from my stakeholders? How do I keep them informed of product progress?

This course has a special opportunity for those interested in how people inside Futurice work and think. The course is part of our own internal training series and many of the participants are from Futurice. Or maybe you want to find out if all the talk about our great culture is actually true, or just a marketing slogan?

IMPORTANT: This course has a prerequisite - all participants need to have completed the Certified ScrumMaster course. We will enforce this requirement so that we can focus fully on advanced content instead of revisiting foundational Scrum content to make sure everyone is on board. If you do not have the CSM certificate, you can participate on the CSM course right prior to this course - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/certified-scrummaster-tickets-15399772133

Certified Scrum Product Owner® course

Winters Hotel Berlin Mitte Am Checkpoint Charlie, Hedemannstraße 11/12


For more information, contact:

Petri Heiramo Organisational ScrumMaster
+35840- 709 2526