Brave New World, AI Applied

Brave New World , AI Applied

Futurice, Schützenstr. 6
10117 Berlin

“The future is for the machines!” “Robots will soon do most of the work!” “The machines are reaching the level of human intelligence!”

There is a lot of buzz around AI and Machine Learning. It is hard sometimes to distinguish what is science fiction, what is reality now and what can really happen in the future. Tools like smart machine marketing will soon be part of our daily work-life. And what if you could walk around the airport with no passport or boarding pass? Well, that day is already here. We have been working hard with Finnair on facial recognition software to enable your face to be the only thing needed to board a plane. Want to learn more insights about all these topics?

Join us for our ‘Brave New World, AI Applied’-Event and find out what can be applied now and what can we realistically expect from the next couple of years.


Thursday, 18th of January, 2018 at Schützenstraße 6, Berlin

18.30-19.00 Light food and drinks, Networking

19.00-19.30 Fantastic Problems and Where to Find Them by Daryl Weir, Senior Data Scientist at Futurice

19.45-20.15 State of the art face recognition is on a mission to enhance customer experience. Case: Finnair and Finavia Test Face Recognition Technology at Check-In by Tuğberk Duman, MR/VR Enthusiast and Biometrics Expert at Futurice

20.30-21.00 Marketing with Smart Machines by Dr. Alexander Borek, Head of Smart Data & Analytics at Volkswagen AG

21.00-22.00 Networking


1. Fantastic Problems and Where To Find Them by Daryl Weir

Machine Learning and Big Data have been buzzwords for years now, but how do you know you have a Machine Learning problem on your hands? This talk will describe the types of problems ML methods are well suited to solve, with examples from a wide variety of industries. It will also tell you where to get started if you want to try solving one of these problems yourself.

Daryl joined Futurice as a senior data scientist after bailing out of a career in machine learning research. He grew up in Scotland and then moved to Finland because he just loves rain that much. He enjoys board games, climbing tall things, and Bayesian inference.


2. State of the art face recognition is on a mission to enhance customer experience. Case: Finnair and Finavia Test Face Recognition Technology at Check-In​​​​​ by Tuğberk Duman 

Learn all about what the current state-of-the-art of automated face recognition is and how we applied it to the real world. Gain insights into the Use Case at the Finnish airport and hear about resulting learnings and experiences.

Tuğberk Duman has been working as project manager for the innovative Finnair facial recognition project. Tugberk is a MR/VR Enthusiast and Biometrics Expert. He has written various published works on the future of technology within airports and the influence that this can have in the future.


3. Marketing with Smart Machines by Dr. Alexander Borek

Computers beat humans in chess, they drive cars and give life-saving advice to doctors. Smart machines will revolutionize all aspects of society—including marketing. Smart machine marketing is coming, but the industry still has to overcome barriers to use this powerful tool - from cultural resistance and social impact to concerns about data protection and cyber security. Start your marketing transformation today to harness the full power of smart machines.

Dr. Alexander Borek is responsible for Smart Data and Analytics, Digital Platforms, and AI Assistants in the Group Digitalization of Volkswagen AG. Before, he worked as a consultant at Gartner and IBM dealing with topics like digital transformation or analytics innovation strategy. He is a recognized international thought leader in data strategy and the author of the books “Total Information Risk Management” and “Marketing with Smart Machines“.

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