Be empowered, be yourself - How digitalisation can enable us to be who we want to be

Be empowered, be yourself - How digitalisation can enable us to be who we want to be

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Our work life is changing rapidly. New technologies, new leadership or management models and new work situations are constantly challenging us. We are happy to embrace these new and exciting times. But we also have questions and sometimes it is not easy to be or become ourselves when the digital world around us is constantly moving in a fast pace.

Therefore, it is time to have a closer look: Let’s learn from Melanie Dreser, our Lead Service Designer how humans can evolve together with new tech. And let’s gain insights from Irina Brüningk, Senior Business Strategist at Futurice, about what the next generation of leaders will need to succeed.

1: "The human in new tech - and which role women play" by Melanie Dreser

When it comes to new tech we fall back in our old bad habits: Ideas and services are created with tech at the core. Where are people in this equation? How can we create trust for AI, IoT and co? Human-centred skills and empathy, are definitely on the list of typical female traits. There we go... "Women in New Tech".

  • Areas of new technology
  • Mindset shift through human-centred design
  • Women's roles in new tech

About Melanie:
Melanie is a hybrid designer and strategist specialising in user-centred design and service innovation. In the past years she created (digital) services for several world-known clients in industries such as automotive, FMCG, energy and retail. Melanie is passionate about a deep understanding of human’s needs in combination with a sense for trends, (new) technology and the market to design meaningful experiences, services and products.

2: "The death of management and the rise of leadership" by Irina Brüningk

Flat hierarchies, Holacracy, networks, thought leadership,…- this is what everyone is talking about nowadays in leadership. Within the digital transformation everything is at a rapid pace. So what does this require from the next generation of leaders? What does the generation X,Y and Z expect from their leaders? And by the way, what is the difference between management and leadership? 
In my talk I want to bring light to the buzzwords and clarify what is management and how it changed within the last years. And of course why I boldly state: Management is dead. So what comes after management? How will future leadership look like and what are the challenges we will be facing in rising this new leadership styles?

About Irina
Irina has a passion for innovative digital and technology businesses. From her point of view successful initiatives are build by strong lean leadership and agile methodologies. Fostering entrepreneurship, breaking new grounds, measuring results by data evaluation and continuous improvement are the principles Irina follows. Within the last 7 years she was leading and coaching projects in agile methodologies. Working within a Holacracy organisation gave her valuable insights on new ways of leadership. She is happy to share these with you.

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