Anniversary Clojure Munich Meetup

Anniversary Clojure Munich Meetup

Futurice, Implerstr. 7
81371 Munich


We're thrilled to announce the 11th, anniversary meetup of the Munich Clojure user group. Everybody's welcome at the Futurice office in Munich, no experience required.  We're all here to learn from one another. It's been a year since we've started, therefore let's make this meet-up a special one! 

Talk 1: Devtools for re-frame – Saskia (

re-frame trace is a tool for debugging re-frame applications. It presents the application data in a clear and filterable way to give insights into the UI looking at events, subscriptions and the app state.

Talk 2: Accessing Relational Databases from Clojure with HugSQL – Jacek (

For those, like me, just starting the journey from Java into Clojure, everything is new, simpler, not necessary easier (you've seen the video, didn't you). Out of a sudden every object you knew so far now becomes a map from field name to value + some functions in a single namespace. To every problem there's probably a function somewhere. "But how do I get to my data in RDBMS?" you might ask. HugSQL can be one of the options. And it's simple, because it's based on SQL. Let me show you.

Sign up now and join us for an exciting event with insightful talks and fruitful discussions - and share a drink and some snacks with us! We are happy to meet you!

For more information, contact:

Yannick Scherer Senior Software Developer
+491511 134 7952