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Boost your business! How data and machine learning can help your sales and marketing

Data has a new idea

Let us show you how data and machine learning can help you uncover actionable insights about your customers so that you can engage and retain them more efficiently.

  • Increasing sales and conversion rates

    Every customer who interacts with your business wants an experience worth their time. They want to know that you understand their needs, that you remember them from previous interactions, that you recognise them across your channels. Using data and AI we can help you unify and create tightly grouped customer segments so that you can serve them in a precise and personal way – boosting sales, conversion and customer satisfaction. [Read more about customer segmentation](https://futurice.com/blog/know-your-customers-with-rfm "Knowing your customers with RFM")

  • Reducing churn

    The majority of customers will visit your store only once; this applies to both online and physical stores. So, all the marketing efforts and money that you spent on driving traffic to your business results in a one shot opportunity. And this is only one part of the churn equation. Possibility is that you are leaking customers that has been with you for a while, too. This is expensive. Let us show you how data and machine learning can help you identify more efficient strategies for churn prevention – directly boosting your margins. Get in touch with us for a free consulting session.

  • More effective marketing spend

    You can’t duplicate your best customers, but you can find more like them. The secret is using your current customer data to identify others with similar attributes and traits. Using machine learning techniques we create lookalike templates from your current customer base and use those templates to find similar audiences. And time really matters. You need to uncover these audiences before your competitors do. Contact us for a free consulting session and learn how we can help you find valuable new

  • Get a free consulting session

    Our main objectives is to help you to use data and AI to make better business decisions and predictions. Being growth hackers, we seek to maximise gains while using a minimal amount of resources.

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