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#workingatfuturice in a nutshell

Transparency & Trust

We are very serious about transparency. All relevant information about the company is openly shared within the company. It has to be, because we trust people to take responsibility for their work and make their own decisions. To do that, access to information is a must. Just as an example, our employees have access to all the company’s financial data at all times - from the company level to each individual project. Trust is given, not earned.

Freedom & Responsibility

The responsibility you take for your work comes with a great degree of freedom. You can make the work fit your situation in life – not the other way around. You even get a company credit card to use. All we ask is for you to do is make decisions that you believe benefit our people, our customers and our numbers, now and in the future. 

Self-improvement & Social Impact

We believe in learning and encourage people to better themselves, as well as the world. Through the Spice Program, we compensate our employees for time spent on open source projects and other activities with a social impact. If you want to do something, just do it. We’ll all know soon enough if it makes any sense. For example, read more about the IoT Service Kit that grew out of an idea that one of our designers and an engineer just started exploring.



For more information, contact:

Arttu Tolonen Communications Specialist
+358 41 433 0243