An app for rally fans - Case WRC Live


The goal:

Deep in the forest,  in the middle of nowhere, waiting to see next rally car. When is it coming? Who’s leading the rally series? I’d love to watch the replay of Mikko Hirvonen’s superb run in Rally Sardinia.  These are the thoughts of a typical rally fan. “The rally fan’s dream application” was the starting point for our concepting work. What would the app feel and look like? This is the challenge that our Nokia colleagues wanted us to take.

The process:

Our enthusiastic team designed, created architecture for, and developed the perfect WRC application. We had many interesting discussions with WRC organization, Nokia colleagues, and rally fans. The solution includes client applications for Nokia with Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian^3 and Series 40 devices, and an entire server-side infrastructure to serve these clients. The application uses and promotes Nokia Services e.g. Nokia Maps, by showing live tracking of the cars.

For more information, contact:

Timo Hyväoja Vice President
+358 41 534 6328