Understanding the era of selfies - #Snapshot exhibition


The #Snapshot project is our spearhead into taking our service design methods to the next level. How can design methods help in blending art, science, and technology into a coherent experience? How to turn a digital transformation in our culture into something people can literally walk into?

#Snapshot was exhibited on two occasions:: 

Futurice and the Finnish Museum of Photography designed an experience that let visitors experience first-hand and in an interactive manner the way the Internet and rapidly developing communication technology are changing the way we interact with photographs and the act of photography. Odds are most people walked out of the exhibition with a new perspective on their own behavior in social media.

The whole exhibition was a great example of a new kind of Finnish design - service design - built on the same humane principles as the design classics of the past. 


For more information, contact:

Risto Sarvas Service Designer, Professor, Company Culture Engineer