Orange: improved product development practices through CI

Orange Labs UK: Lab Life from Adam Batchelor on Vimeo.


Orange Labs UK continuously develops new mobile products for the Orange Group. The products target Orange’s customers both in the high-end segment as well as emerging markets, and represent a variety of mobile technologies. In order to improve their development processes, Orange asked Futurice to help with setting up an environment and common practices that allow them to better manage these projects in future.


Futurice deployed a local GitLab installation that is synchronized with GitHub, added Testflight to selected products and set up a Jenkins Continuous Integration system for iOS, Android, Tizen and Phonegap development. In order to promote the use of CI as part of good development practices, Futurice also arranged a CI workshop for lead developers.

About Orange Labs UK

Orange Labs UK is the UK-based R&D arm of the Orange brand. We aim to be at the cutting edge of innovation and we develop new products and services for Orange not only in the UK but worldwide. Our ambition is to fastly bring innovation to our customers worldwide and we believe we can do that by leveraging our local ecosystem to detect and transfer innovative technologies and solutions. This is why we are nurturing an Open Innovation mindset. We co-innovate with a broad array of partners, from industrials andOrange’s large corporate customers to universities, SMEs and start-ups.

For more information, contact:

Sampo Hämäläinen Partner, Columbia Road by Futurice
+35840 511 2299