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Envisioning and building a new booking process across multiple channels - Carglass

Envisioning and building a new booking process across multiple channels - Carglass from Futurice on Vimeo.

Carglass is a leader in the field of vehicle glass repair, operating worldwide across 34 countries and employing over 25,000 people as part of its parent brand, Belron. The company prides itself on being able to replace a customer’s car windscreen glass quickly and efficiently, either on-site or remotely through a fleet of thousands of repair vans, assuring ease of use for the customer as part of a seamless service.

Despite leading the market, the brand refuses to stand still and was keen to develop new ways to take bookings and fulfil customer needs, using the latest mobile devices and leveraging cloud-based services. Futurice was asked to examine their user journeys and experiences in detail, as part of developing a new booking funnel process, enabling customers to move beyond the initial engagement with the brand and into a more fulfilling relationship.

The Approach

We started by investigating and understanding the customer’s journey through the entire decision-making process, rather than focus on the purely negative aspects of choosing a windscreen repair service. Getting a stone chip or crack in your windscreen can make you feel unlucky, or annoyed, but we wanted to understand these feelings in order to create a service that customers could trust.

From user studies it became clear that ‘convenience’ for Carglass customers means a combination of accessibility combined with a clear understanding of the service upfront. Futurice identified how integrating these feelings and needs into the customer experience could deliver value and market differentiation.

This focus on the experience, and its attendant emotions, meant we could constantly iterate towards a Minimum Viable Product, and only when we felt secure of the user value would we deploy an initial solution. From first workshop sessions to product launch covered a period of four months.


The new service increased sales and satisfaction from day one. Futurice was able to supply Carglass with a fully responsive website, built on microservices and hosted in the cloud, that is fast, reliable and highly flexible for future growth and expansion.

The service design and structure were constructed from our findings in field studies and prototype testing. We were able to identify and build in new entry points to the booking funnel.

The solution was rolled out during December 2016 in Sweden, Norway and Finland, and the results were instantly rewarding, with conversion rates increasing by 55%, and 63% more bookings compared with the same period in 2015.


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