BMW Group: Providing new customer value at the intersection of e-mobility and energy

BMW Group is a leading international premium manufacturer of motorcars and motorcycles as well as provider of premium finance and mobility services. BMW Energy Services acts as one of the enablers of the e-mobility strategy of the BMW Group. Futurice had the privilege to support the unit on this exciting journey.


The project started with the creation of a user experience strategy for Digital Energy Solutions, a joint venture between BMW Group and Viessmann group, focusing on the management of energy flexibility for small and medium-sized companies to provide the optimum solution for them – economy-, sustainability- and supply security-wise. Guided by a customer-centric perspective, it became very clear early on, that we needed a multi-layered approach: Innovative methods and tools to create results fast. New team structures and organization of work, to make optimal use of everybody’s expertise, and a changed mindset to find the sweet spot between what is technically feasible, desired by customers, and viable from a business perspective.


The department’s vision combined with different ways of experimenting and tackling the challenges helped the team to discover completely new business opportunities. Out of this, new concepts and prototypes were developed. They showed how the pairing of BMW and MINI’s existing products with innovative services creates an ecosystem of energy and mobility. A new offer emerged that allows customers to be sustainable with their mobility as well as energy demands. All seamlessly integrated within a premium service experience.

To achieve this, the team’s collaboration was powered by Futurice’s Lean Service Creation methodology (LSC). Its unique mixture of Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Agile helped to speed up all phases of the creation process. Existing large-scale customer research was complemented by qualitative interviews. The insights were then used in strategic workshops where domain experts enriched and challenged the concepts to define a winning value proposition. The sprint-based process started with an immersion phase, followed by the creation of a service and brand vision. The concepts were then tested in the validation phase with a set of user tests. Later on, results were shared with the wider stakeholder circle through tangible prototypes and compelling documentation.

The e-mobility business is maturing. New competitors and offers appear almost every week. To stay on top of the game, agility, curiosity and grit is needed more than ever. Our team at Futurice is very grateful for the rare opportunity to shape the future of e-mobility together with the BMW Group – as facilitators, innovators and change makers.

For more information, contact:

Helmut Scherer Managing Director
+49 176 1101 7722