3D UI consulting for Orange UK


Providing Orange Labs UK with the know-how and skills to create cutting-edge user interface designs.

The goal

Orange Labs UK designs and develops many new user interfaces for Orange applications. 3D was about to become the driving force behind UI design and Orange needed help building an application UI that showcased the possibilities of using OpenGL on Qt for mobile.

The process

Futurice’s specialized consultants gave the in-house production team training and advice on the newest 3D techniques in Qt. We identified the areas Orange needed help developing, worked with them to build their skills and fine-tune their approach, and helped them to build a brand new, beautifully functioning and cutting-edge 3D UI.

The result

Orange not only has an app UI which showcases the hottest tech that software design has to offer, but also they now have the knowledge and skills to pursue new advanced user interface designs into the future.

For more information, contact:

Sampo Hämäläinen Partner, Columbia Road by Futurice
+35840 511 2299