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Welcome Home is Futurice's overarching Employer Branding campaign that celebrates our unique culture and community. It's all about our people and the unique paths that made them who they are today. Telling the real career stories of those weaving the fabric of Futurice’s culture inspired individuals in all our markets, and the results speak for themselves.


Futurice has different levels of brand awareness in each of its markets in Finland, Sweden, and Germany. The tech recruitment field is highly competitive, and standing out from the crowd is difficult. The top professionals are not committed only to a salary or a stable job, instead, they search for a deeper meaning, which is why IT companies need to be able to tell potential employees why they should apply.

We wanted to create a campaign concept that stems from our unique culture and our people unifying Futurice’s employer brand and recruitment marketing efforts in all markets. The goals for the campaign were to attract and retain talent and to celebrate our community. Concurrently, we aimed at increased brand awareness – honoring our diverse community, people, and culture, and communicating our values of continuous learning, transparency, trust, and care. Also, we wanted to make our people feel at home, no matter where they are working from.

The campaign’s target audience is potential recruits, mainly in tech and design, but also our own people and alumni to feel pride for what we are as a community.

Creative Idea

We wanted to communicate our culture and values in a tangible way instead of listing buzzwords. At Futurice, we hold on to our promises and values of caring, transparency, continuous learning, and trust. Diversity, equity and inclusion are in our culture's DNA. We welcome people as they are. These things really do show and we want to bring them to the fore in our marketing.

The idea was born when one of our employees joining the company was greeted with “Welcome home”. When we started to plan the campaign’s core messages, this phrase came to mind. It crystallizes how it feels to join Futurice, and we built the career journey concept around it. We as a company are strong believers in continuous life-long learning, and therefore telling the authentic stories of our people’s learning journeys says more about our culture than listing promises and values.

The campaign celebrates our people by showing that career journeys are unique whether you are a junior developer, senior designer or even a managing director. The stories are true career stories from our employees. That also makes us approachable and fresh as a company. Welcome home conveys our community culture in a tangible and authentic way that resonates with our potential recruits, employees, and alumni.


The campaign touchpoints included a mix of digital and physical elements, co-created across all our locations. Welcome Home is initiated with strategic long-term goals and tightly integrated into HR processes, internal communication, and external promotion. The campaign has been very visible with multiple touchpoints both online and in our office cities in Finland and Germany. The communication continues in our recruitment process, onboarding and welcome packages which makes the employer experience coherent.

The media mix is not typical for a tech recruitment campaign either: in Helsinki and Tampere we used JCDecaux Abribus posters around the cities, and digital screens in transportation. In Espoo, advertising was targeted to the Otaniemi area, which is full of young technology experts. In Germany, we used Guerilla posters around the cities of Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin. In addition, the campaign also had broad online coverage, consisting of weekly FutuStories blog posts, campaign site, organic posts, and campaigning on social media, Google Adwords and SEM.

The digital touchpoints:

Physical touchpoints:

  • Out of Home: Bus stops, metro and trams in Helsinki and Tampere areas

  • Guerilla posters in Munich/Berlin/Stuttgart

  • Merchandise - e.g. T-Shirts, tote bags and mugs (coming up)

  • Journey walls in offices

Additional elements:

  • Internal communication: Active employee engagement by email, Slack, newsletter, intranet and townhall meeting

  • HR: Briefing on messaging for recruitment discussions

  • Office management, work in process: Briefing how to include messaging in onboarding boxes and in-office Employer Brand experience


The unique page views to our careers pages increased by 136% in the first campaign month compared to the same time period last year. Also, the average time spent on our careers pages by visitors from campaign pages is 2.5 times that of users from other sources, which speaks to quality and audience relevance. In addition, the average time spent on our website by visitors from the campaign page is 1.5X that of users from other sources. Welcome home has also brought in 2.6 more returning visitors to our website than usual. One million FutuStories blog posts, which were published as part of the campaign, gained 1,182 unique page views during the first month.

On social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) there were 20,000 impressions from 21 related posts across 4 channels in 4 weeks, 358 interactions (likes, reactions, comments) & 492 link clicks. Welcome home and One Million FutuStories posts have been our top organic posts on all of our social channels during the past month.

Even though the campaign goals are set for long term brand awareness, there were recruitment related results already within the first month:

  • 322 people coming from the campaign page continued to apply for a job (15.6% of the total amount of visitors on the campaign page)

  • There have been several mentions in applications and interviews about the Welcome home campaign and One Million FutuStories.

The campaign also has made an impact on our people:

  • The campaign was well received internally

  • Our own people started using the campaign hashtag #welcomehome when sharing on social media

  • Our alumni also spotted the campaign and shared comments on it

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Client Futurice

Design & concept Futurice, Johanna Mäkeläinen & Milla Cotterill (freelancers)

Production Futurice, Drama Moving Pictures, Tenfour, Henry Vogt photo

Media planning Futurice, JCDecaux

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