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  • Helps users discover relevant content

  • Approximately 30 million events processed daily

  • Intelligent recommendations for users while safeguarding editorial oversight builds an improved user experience without the risk of creating filter bubbles

  • The recommendation engine never stops learning and improving

The challenge

Bosch Power Tools core user groups are dealers, companies and private users. All of the groups face different challenges and especially companies are a very varied segment, too. To better serve their customers’ needs and respond to changing demands, Bosch wanted more insight into customer behavior and was looking for ways to use data for a competitive edge.

Why it matters

The impact on both journalistic KPIs - such as variety and amount read - and business is KPIs is positivie. The algorithm is being constantly developed to improve utilization of impression data for offline parameter optimization and additional components are being included to develop the system’s editorial oversight and learning aspects.

The algorithm improves the user experience of Sanoma’s customers by providing intelligent curation in an age of information overload, while at the same time safeguarding editorial oversight, so people are not isolated into filter bubbles and still have easy access to a holistic view of what’s happening in the world.

We worked for three years to perfect the system and I believe we have created an engine that really serves our readers.
Esa Mäkinen
Managing Editor, Helsingin Sanomat

Technologies used: React Native, TypeScript, Node.js, Microsoft Azure

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