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We thought there is no better way to tell about a job than hear it from a potential future colleague

So we asked one of our senior backend developers about their job. Let’s hear what Markus Kauppila has to say:

“As a senior backend developer focus mostly on creating technical solutions and having good time working a collaborative multidisciplinary teams where I’m not snapped to certain role but I can stretch my skills to front-end development and have discussions with the client and designers on the purpose and goals of the service we are building. It’s a cliche but it’s not really about tech. It’s about creating solutions that bring value and all the team members play a part in that. That combined with the flexibility and freedom provided by our company culture really gives me the opportunity to craft my days and project practicalities to fit to my needs. And not just that, it’s also the freedom to choose what I would like to work on and how do it tech-wise that really keeps the work fresh for myself and provides interesting challenges.”

Here are some practical things that would definitely help succeeding in this job

  • Fluency in one or more programming languages and ecosystems, maybe JavaScript and Node.js, Java/Scala/Clojure, or C#...
  • Being right at home with web backends. You have probably always been a bit curious about how things work under the hood. You have likely dabbled with web frameworks, continuous integration, test automation, continuous deployment and both relational databases as well as no-SQL databases
  • Experience in being a hands-on lead developer in projects. You might have been coaching others to learn more, and definitely you are constantly learning new technologies yourself.
  • Assembling a functional, robust and maintainable system is a challenge you are eager to undertake. It's not just about getting the data to flow from the database to the user's screen, it's about getting to know the technologies, understanding the layers and finally delivering code to production.
  • Appreciating and practicing good communication. You are fluent at least in English, Finnish is a definite plus.
  • At the end of the day, the technology is but a means to an end, and your willingness to learn new things is what counts.

We offer you the Ultimate Learning Platform

With us you get the opportunity to work with the most motivated and multi talented forces in development, design and strategy. As an agency, we have a versatile portfolio of projects and we solve different kinds of problems that require different kinds of tools – for you this means the chance of a lifetime to follow your learning goals and broaden your skill set. You will be inspired and supported throughout your journey as our aspiration is to be the Ultimate Learning Platform for your career. We are a people-first-company and believe that at the end of the day happy people are the key to great software and happy clients.

If you get good vibes after reading this, we would love to hear from you!

Please click “apply” to show your interest and tell us a bit about your career background and why you are motivated to become part of the Futu family.

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