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Are you looking for the next chapter in your career journey? Perhaps you’ve come to realise that it’s time to head back home, but not to lose your freedom? To work remote, but stay near the action and work closely together with a team? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Wherever in Finland you may roam: welcome home.

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We welcome people with a strong programming background, and a strong drive to learn more. You don’t have to be a guru yet, just aiming to grow into one.

Your career journey so far

• You have a solid understanding of modern software development. Understanding and knowing how to build software in a cloud environment from the actual coding all the way to setting up deployment pipelines, is definitely something that a programmer should know. You don’t have to be a top expert on the subject, but you should know enough to understand the principles well.

• You know at least a few programming languages well. You can create something useful with the languages from scratch. You understand the basic paradigms of the languages and know how to connect your code to databases and other external systems. You know their strengths and the weaknesses, and you know where a certain language is used in the real world.

• You are excited about programming.Motivation is the key! We want people to enjoy their daily work. That's why you should find the practical work exciting. When you have an internal motivation to learn new things, facing even the more difficult situations is not a problem. And most of all, you are a team player.

• You put people who use the services first. This is something particularly important to us. We work with digital services, meaning that we build software for people to use in their everyday lives. It is about understanding who is going to use the software and why.

• You bring something extra to our culture. Our culture defines us. It is the glue that keeps us together, and makes us stronger by each talent we discover.You should not just fit in, but embrace and enrich our culture. Our culture stands on our shared values of Care, Trust, Transparency and Continuous Improvement. We live our values into reality every day.

We offer keys to your success

You will be working tightly as part of a client team and will have the support of our community, so even though you work from your chosen remote location you won’t be left alone. You can choose Helsinki or Tampere as your home office, which you can visit when needed. In addition, you’ll get support to set up your own shared office space with nearby colleagues if you wish.

We offer opportunities for our current and new employees to work remotely from any place in Finland which suits them best. Unfortunately we cannot currently offer opportunities to work permanently remote outside of Finland, but you can take a FutuHike to any of our offices or stay abroad for a month a year.

We can ensure you will join a very international working culture. As a remote-Futurician you can meet your colleagues in several events and camps where you are naturally invited. In the name of continuous improvement we are looking for the best ways to work in hybrid mode and eagerly waiting to also learn from you.

Want to read more about the remote work at Futurice? We compiled a blog post to open what it's like to work in remote mode with us.

Ready to start the next chapter?

If you see yourself as the next FutuRemote team member, drop us a line! Tell us who you are, where have you been and where are you heading next. Describe what you already know, and what you will learn next. We are looking forward to hear from you!

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Futurice is a new breed of innovation consultancy that has digital values at its core. We inject life into digital solutions by focusing on user experience and interaction. We think by making, and make bythinking. Our work has meaning and makes an impact on society. By helping our clients thrive, we co-create a better future. We are all about people. As an ultimate learning platform that empowers peopleto become a better version of themselves, we believe that diversity and inclusion are important to our companys success. We seek to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people from a diverse pool of candidates.

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