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We have a little secret at Futurice. Our open developer positions are not open positions at all. Not really. They are more like sample role descriptions you might have at Futurice. But we never really hire for a specific project or a position.

This has a lot to do with our daily work. As an agency, we have a very versatile portfolio of projects. Different kinds of problems require different kinds of tools. That's why we work with a variety of technologies, and look for people with versatile backgrounds. We expect our people to be able to adapt to new situations, languages, and frameworks.

What can Futurice offer you

Probably the best part about working at Futurice are the colleagues. You get to work with some of the most brilliant and talented professionals of the digital world. In Futurice, software engineers work closely together with our designers, analysts, and business consultants, as well as with our customers from various industries. Our aim is to grow the next generation of digital leaders, and that's why this is the place to be for learning.

You will be developing top-notch services in an environment that promotes constant self-improving and sharing ideas with colleagues, through team work, and also event or conference participations. Our public reference cases should give you an idea about what kind of concrete things you could be working with.

We also offer a competitive compensation, and a work culture that has been awarded internationally. Our core values are care, trust, transparency, and continuous improvement that we try to embrace and share as much as possible.

What do we expect

So, what are we looking for then? We are looking for people who have strong programming background, and good motivation to learn more. It's hard to define exactly what that means, but there are some signs that we are looking for:

  1. You have a solid understanding of programming and computers

We don't expect our people to be deeply experienced on computer hardware, as we rarely do embedded systems. But understanding what a processor and memory does, and how binary code, Assembly, C or higher abstraction languages differ from each other, is definitely something that a programmer should know. You don't have to be a top expert on the subject, but you should know at least enough to understand the principles well.

  1. You know at least a few programming languages well

Know, as in, you can create something useful with the language from scratch. Not just Hello World, but something that has an actual use. You understand the basic paradigms of the languages. You know the strengths and the weaknesses, and you know where a certain language is used in the real world. Most of all, you can compare the languages to each other, and tell the essential differencies.

  1. You are excited about programming

Yes, motivation is very important in your daily work. Not just for yourself, but for us as an employer as well. We want our people to enjoy their daily work. And that's why you should find the practical work is exciting. When you have an internal motivation to learn new things, facing even the more difficult situations is not a problem. Also, when programming is something near to your heart, you care about the quality of your own work.

If you are really excited about programming, then you most likely can show it in a way or another, and this is something we value a lot.

  1. You care about the end users

This is something particularly important to us. We work with digital services, meaning that the software we build has human users. It's not enough to create technically well built software, when in the end, the success of the product depends on how user-friendly the end result is. It's not necessarily about beign a designer, but rather understanding who is going to use the software and why.

  1. You fit into Futurice's culture

This is the part that is hard to define. But it is as important as the technical requirements. You can take a look at our culture pages, our free-time open source sponsorship and pro-bono work, or blog posts to get a better understanding of what it means to be and work in Futurice.

And that's pretty much it. We are constantly looking for new people who fill these requirements. Yes, you can be a JavaScript expert, Android magician, iOS guru, full-stack web artist, a backend & DevOps ninja, or a Microsoft tech specialist, but the same simple rules apply.

We look for people with different kinds of backgrounds, and different levels of experience. You do not have to have a specific background or skillset, but you absolutely have to be a programmer. You know, as a person.

To convince us that you are one of us, don't just tell us where you have worked or studied. Tell us who you are, and where you are heading at. Describe what you already know, and what you will learn next. You might also want to take a look at our five steps to a great application for more inspiration.

NOTE: We are currently not able to offer visa sponsorships for Tampere, so unfortunately we can't take applications from outside EU/EEA forward. However, do by all means take a look at our positions in the Helsinki HQ!

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About Tampere

The Tampere loft office located right in the heart of the national landscape along the Tammerkoski rapids is ideal for organizing different types of tech, business and design events. The site focuses both on local clients at the Tampere area as well as serving a few major clients in Helsinki and international locations. We partner with ambitious B2C and B2B clients in assignments covering all things digital, modern R&D and IoT, but whatever we do, we focus our work on bringing real value to our customers and the end users.

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