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What will you do as a Digital Product (UX&UI) designer? At Futurice we solve real customer problems by designing meaningful solutions based on evidence and centered around customer. We don't stop at building concepts or part deliveries. Therefore, your work will be an essential part of creating new solutions which we promise to release to the market. As a digital product designer you will be involved in every stage of the process, from gathering insights and building concepts to prototyping interactions and defining visual language, advocating the user needs throughout. You will be working in diverse cross-disciplinary teams which requires confident communication skills and ability to solve problems collaboratively with others. We also expect you to be a part of building the office and our local presence, developing and contributing to our own culture.

By joining our team we will provide opportunities to grow and learn from various professional domains and industries as well as internally together with us. Within our network of offices we offer possibilities to work from multiple sites and markets. By joining us you will be able to develop your skills and try new methods and tools.

What else do we expect? Let’s see:

  • High emotional intelligence. Empathy and self-awareness. You know your strengths and weaknesses and can balance them well while working with others.
  • You love working with and for people — no matter if they are your teammates, the client or someone you’re designing for.
  • Organised and confident enough to take action alone, but the team is what multiplies your potential.
  • Expect to work in a multi-disciplinary team and naturally integrate the client into the team composition.
  • Hands-on and prefer to convert ideas into real things that actually work. A “maker mindset.”
  • Curious explorer, scouting both customer insights and learnings for personal growth.
  • An experimenter who starts small and makes things happen in an iterative way.
  • Learning by doing. Your biggest failures are your greatest learnings.
  • Advocate effective feedback from those who you work with, and able to give constructive feedback to those who seek it.
  • Conscious about the impact your work is making on the business, the end users as well as on the society and the planet.
  • Great communication and able to visualise and present your ideas.
  • Experience with Concept development or Brand development is a bonus.

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Cecilia Lövström, Head of Operations, Stockholm


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